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Organizations of all types, ranging from publicly traded company to start-up to Non-profit, utilize for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and for Salesforce Automation (SFA).

Many of these organizations have embraced the extensible nature of Salesforce to extend the platform fully into their operational environment with solutions as varied Order Management, Workforce Automation, Billing Operations and Customer Success. Salesforce has evolved their Cloud offerings to tailor solutions to vertical (Industry Solutions) and to compartmentalize functions (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Analytics, etc) intended for use by specific functional teams. Greener Pastures Consulting’s GreenSaaS expertise in enabling each of these products for each type of business is demonstrated in our delivered solutions. We’ll help you embrace good/better/best practices and avoid costly pitfalls in implementing these solutions.

Starting Block

This service is geared for organizations either migrating from existing CRM implementations (e.g. SugarCRM, Zoho, Dynamics, etc) or starting entirely from scratch. We will help you from identification of the right products (Salesforce SKUs) through to successful implementation. We layer in change through increments, delivering solid foundation in days and weeks and shortening your time to value with your Salesforce licenses.

Bottle Lightning

If your organization has had Salesforce for more than a couple of years, there’s a strong possibility that you have automation in place using legacy (classic) techniques – workflow rules, field updates, triggers, etc. Much of what you had to do using custom code (APEX) is now capable of being built with Process Builder and Flows, opening the door to Platform App Builders to maintain this automation. Lightning Record Pages allow more advanced User Experiences that take advantage of the continuous investment salesforce makes in their products to drive enhanced rep/agent productivity. Finally, Lightning Actions replace custom buttons with OnClick Javascript. We can help you make the transition into the Lightning Experience.

Greener Pastures offers up fractional admin, configuration, app builder and developer resources with a monthly commitment.

Many companies choose to use 3rd party implementation firms to support their user communities needs in SFDC, ranging from User administration (accounts, passwords) to questions about how to use SFDC to small extensions to existing functionality that large SFDC partners won’t bid. Greener Pastures offers up fractional admin, configuration, app builder and developer resources with a monthly commitment. If your company was to hire an SFDC admin Full Time, you’d be spending to get only 2 or 3 of those skill sets. Our fractional team allows you to benefit from all of our expertise and pay the right rate for those services. Our service starts at $2k/month and is based on the number of seats and a model of what types of changes/support you’ll require.

Saas Integrations

We don’t just do Salesforce. Our expert Software professionals enjoy integrating SFDC with any other SaaS application that has an API. We prefer hitting well-documented, REST APIs but we’ll work with RPC/SOAP as well. Our team has experience with Sage Intacct, Chargify, Xero, Dynamics, Google APIs (Maps, Directions, Places), among others. We love building with Node.js and interface with SFDC using the well-supported and vibrant JSForce wrapper.

Web Development

From design to development to SEO, we can bring your ideas into digital reality. We have helped nonprofits, businesses, individuals, and political organizations create stunning, functional websites. Each web project is undertaken after gaining an understanding of the client’s goals and personality, and that shows in our finished product. To achieve optimal performance, hosting, maintenance, and training are available and recommended after your site is launched.

Geospatial Solutions

Whether you’re in need of a compelling map to tell the story of Sales Territory planning or a logistics model that includes vector heat-maps highlighting a scalar dimension, we’re happy to collect your data and put it into a GIS. We can also take the resultant shp files and place them in Postgres so they can be used programmatically. We have a deep history with spatial data and your board slides will come to life with colorful maps that tell stories of success and highlight areas of weakness that need solutions.

Fresh Eyes

If your team is slow to make change there may be a hidden reason holding them back.

Technical debt is a term you may otherwise think of as ‘baggage’ – as you build up software to support your business and your business evolves, if you’re not refactoring and cleaning up what used to power your business it just becomes clutter. With enough clutter it’s hard to get anything done. If everything takes 6 months or a million dollars to complete, it’s probably time for some Fresh Eyes

Org Review

We’ll come in and evaluate your salesforce org using our GreenLens evaluation matrix. We look at data modeling, data hygiene, process automation and change management. You’ll be evaluated against our peer benchmarking data and will receive a simple ‘letter grade’ in each area demonstrating areas to celebrate (hopefully there are many) and areas of improvement (don’t worry, we can help with these). We offer FreshEyes Org Review free to qualifying clients – you’ll just need to sign our MSA and provide us with an administrator account to your production instance and we’ll peer into your org to capture insights.

Process Optimization

An advanced service, currently available for communications and services providers who fulfill service orders on behalf of paying subscribers, Process Optimization pairs your Service Delivery, Network Planning and Billing Operations teams with one of our process specialists who will ask probing questions to highlight wasteful process steps. Waste takes many shapes and we use Operations Science approaches influenced by Lean and Six Sigma to identify the primary business value intended for your core processes and areas where there appears to be process waste.

Drop us a note to find out how Greener Pastures can assist with your digital transformation.

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