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You’re special to us and you’re special to your clients, but your needs are not unique. We’ve helped businesses with the same challenges you are facing.¬†Industry problems demand Industry solutions and there’s commonality between these that drive the need to create these solutions as reusable and repurposable as possible without losing sight of the application.

Global Quote to Cash (Q2C)

Our flagship offering for Communications Service Providers is our Telecom Q2C package, which is composed of 4 core modules: Location Intelligence, Product Management, Service Image and Enterprise Resource Planning.

The solution is one that helps Service Providers with understanding and maximizing their Revenue by way of tracking investments in network – built to serve customers. Whether you serve other carriers (Wholesale), Business (SMB, Enterprise, Public Sector) or Consumer (Residential) and whether you serve those customers from owned infrastructure or leased infrastructure our solution will help you track your investment from Lead to Opportunity to Project Implementation and on to Revenue Optimization.

Location Intelligence

Our proprietary implementation of our Location Intelligence solution interfaces with industry-agnostic spatial layers to provide you a standardized view of Markets, normalized address information and the ability to readily recognize and eliminate duplicates. Our two-pass approach to tenant enumeration in buildings allows friction-free prospecting by your Business Development teams while understanding of the building and space ownership evolves.

Quote to Cash

Project Management

Our Product Management component allows for different pricing levels, depending on whether you have global list pricing, pricing that varies by Market/Building and/or Customer specific pricing. Pricing can be defined for bulk agreements with Homeowners’ Associations and upgrade pricing can be defined for opt-in premium services targeted at tenants.

Service Image

Service Image is a live inventory of Customer services, active and historical and provides a collective view of penetration rate of offers into addressable customers. Flexible to allow Cases to be related to these Services for specific customer incidents and tied to Service Design through Circuit ID and ECCKT. Our Service Image module is almost always tied to an external Billing System (e.g. Intacct, Xero, Chargify, etc) through our hardened middleware solution we package with our Q2C software.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our final component is the ERP side that your Operations team will love. Estimate new projects with Capital Projects and Subprojects, Create Internal Work Orders to track your deployment and trigger the creation of a project code in your external ERP and issue and manage the lifecycle of Purchase Requests to round out your inventory management. This robust solution will help you keep track of your Assets that are required to serve your customers well.


Knowledge Management

Your customers frequently ask the same questions of you as a provider and what better way to expose those FAQs (and Answers) than through a Salesforce Experience replete with Knowledge. Curated Articles can be ranked with voting to show perceived effectiveness and featured Articles can be pinned to the top. You’ll love reducing your cost-to-serve your Customer base with Salesforce Case Deflection that provides Relevant Articles when Customers attempt to submit a ticket.

Call Center

Call Center Solutions

Meet your customers anywhere with our Omni-Channel solutions. Live Click-to-Chat, Off-hours Call Center decision trees that help customers self-serve and overflow to staffed queues only if customers can’t or won’t help themselves. Multiple language support options and local phone numbers. We’ll help you wow your customers with a scalable and modern solution.

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