Who We Are

Greener Pastures Consulting is a Boulder-based Web Technologies consultancy. Greener Pastures Web centers around solutions for public website presence including Marketing Content, Blogs, e-Commerce, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). GreenSaaS™ is the Software Development arm of the business, focused on facilitating your use of Software-as-a-Service products (including Salesforce) and their integration to other systems comprising your Sales, Operations and Billing software environment.

Julie Tuerk

Principal, Digital Experience

Our practice lead for Greener Pastures Web, Julie has been building attractive and functional websites for a broad array of industries with a primary focus on Non Profits in the conservation / resource management space. Julie is a graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder and continued her education locally at Front Range Community College in their Web Development program. She enjoys hiking in the mountains around her home, with and without her boys.

Gabe Tuerk

Gabe Tuerk

Head of Solution Development

Our practice lead for GreenSaaS™, Gabe has held various leadership positions in Software and Product Development and Sales Enablement at major Telecommunications providers. His approach to Enterprise Architecture tends towards simplicity, extensibility and scalability and is enabled with Agile at the core. Gabe earned his B.A. in Anthropology from CU Boulder in 1998 and has been resident in Boulder since ’84. When not building your new systems, Gabe can be found angling, golfing or skiing in and around the Front Range.

How We Can Help

Greener Pastures Consulting believes that our clients know deeply what they hope to accomplish and what they wish to portray outwardly, even if those clients need assistance in describing these things. We listen with an open mind and offer up solutions that build on best practices in Web technologies. Our favorite clients like to iterate on these solutions together. We want to meet your time-to-market needs and will expedite our solutions if you’re willing. We encourage our clients to embrace our solutions with their own support post-implementation or to leverage our expertise with ongoing maintenance.

You’ve got a vision for how your company is depicted on the Web. You recognize that the systems your teams are using are not built to support your business… and either nobody is refitting them to do so or the people that built those systems are still advocating for how effective they are. That’s why you’re here checking us out. We’ll ask what you love about what you use today and what you hate and what you wish the systems would do/track instead. We’ll typically recommend an iterative approach starting with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that evolves into your accepted production solution.

We use SaaS systems every day to power our own business and encourage our clients to embrace the simplicity of hosted frameworks. Whether you have your own IT organization and want them to focus on your core product itself, not the systems that support it or you simply don’t have the software/IT capability to build the systems you need – Greener Pastures has a custom solution for you.

Drop us a note to find out how Greener Pastures can assist with your digital transformation.

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